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This is the first-ever Gaming on Grand dedicated hobby competition!

This is a FREE to enter competition where hobbyists at Gaming on Grand can show off their skill.

Not sure what to paint? Get something new! Participants get 10% off when purchasing $50 or more of anything Games Workshop makes!


All models must be:

  • Based in the 40k or Age of Sigmar universe (this includes all of the associated games like Necromunda and Warcry.)
  • Constructed and painted by the entrant.  No commissions.

Category List

Single Model – any human-sized model, including jetbikes or other mounted infantry.

Squad – must have 3 or more models.

Vehicle – anything that visually looks like a vehicle, including battle suits, Knights, dreadnaughts, flyers, etc.

Large Model – anything that looks organic, including Trygons, deamon princes, greater deamons.


Limit 4 entries total.  You may enter more than once in each category.


How to Enter

Email me at eric.petersen@gamingongrand.com with your pictures and a description of your entree before 2/15 at 8PM PST.

Make sure the title says “GoG Paint Contest” so it doesn’t get lost.  Please make sure to list the categories you are submitting photos for. On receipt, I will respond to your email.

If you would like pictures taken of your model(s) in my light-box, please contact me!  I can be available after 5 on weekdays or on weekends.


How to Vote

On 2/16, voting will start for all categories.  Links will be put up on Facebook, Discord and on the GoG website.

Voting ends 2/18 at 8PM PST, and winners will be announced 2/19.



This is a free, fun event.  There are no monetary prizes, but winners will be announced on all of our social media platforms along with thier work.