For more than a year now, tabletops across the world have shaken beneath the tread of mighty god-machines. Entire battlegroups of Titans and their Knightly allies have waged war across countless battlefields, and whether you’re a veteran with dozens of engine kills under your belt, or brand new to Adeptus Titanicus, the new starter set is for you.


This brand new set comes with four Titans

  • 2 mighty Reaver Battle Titans
  • 2 nimble Warhound Scout Titans
  • 2 Cerastus Knight-Lancers

Everything you need to use these models in your games is included – command terminals to track their status, movement and weapon templates, as well as a host of cards for weapons, missions and stratagems.

There’s also a set of Battlefield Assets to bolster your battlegroup, all the tokens and status markers you need, and a 96-page rulebook which has been updated with all of the latest errata, meaning you’ll be 100% up-to-speed with how the game works.


This set is available for pre-order starting February 8