This is a singles tournament using “Rule of 1” for army composition (see the Army Comp Guidelines section for more details.)

The player pool will be split into pods based on how many players enter, and which options they selected.

  • Competitive – this will be an ITC registered event.  Expect highly competitive armies and players.
  • Semi-competitive – this will not be a registered event.  Expect veteran players and semi-meta lists.
  • Casual/New Player – this pod is for new and casual players.  Meta lists are strongly discouraged. If sufficient CASUAL and NEW players register, they will be broken into their own pods.

A minimum of 4 players are required for each pod.  If any pod does not have enough players, it will be collapsed and the players folded into the next available pod.



Date: 2/9/20

Please register online HERE

Cost: $10

Entries fees will go towards prize support for each pod.

Full rules can be found HERE