By the Emperor!  Gaming on Grand presents their Warhammer 40k Spring 1v1 Tournament.

Where: Gaming on Grand back room (signs will be posted)
When: Saturday, May 11, 11:00am

Registration is closed!  We are at full capacity!

Game Info:

  • 1250 pts
  • ITC Format – Modified
  • We will be playing missions 2, 4 and 6 from the ITC Champion’s Mission Pack
  • 3 round swiss
  • 1h per player time limit.  All players must have a chess clock, phone app, or tablet to track time.
  • $10 entry fee
  • All entry fees are returned as prize support for the top 3.


  • There are currently no restrictions on ForgeWorld models or Lords of War
  • Please be sure to arrive early.  Initial match-ups will be available by 10am on Saturday and you should stage at your assigned table as soon as you arrive.
  • This will be an ITC registered event.
  • Payment can be done via PayPal or Venmo (Eric-Petersen-8), or in-store when I am around (typically Sundays.)
    • Please do not pay the store staff.
    • I am not taking any money from the entry fees.  If you wish to leave a tip, please do!

If you have any questions please contact Eric Petersen

For more information on ITC, please visit their website.