Round 2 starts 10/21!  Here is what you need to do:

Your round 1 campaign cards are getting replaced with a Veteran campaign card.  This card has room for 8 stamps and will be used for the rest of the campaign.  You receive 1 stamp for playing at least 1 scoring game each week.  To qualify for prize support, you must have 4 stamps (silver level) by 11/17 then 8 stamps (gold level) by 12/15.

In addition, we are adding the following rules:


In each scoring game after the first, after the mission ends and casualty roles are done, any player that qualifies may roll 1d6 and consult the chart below

1-2 – Plan Ahead – the player gains 1d3 command points at the start of their next mission.

3-4 – Lessons Learned – the player may select a single model that was injured in the previous mission and add 1d6 to the casualty roll.  If no models were injured, select one that participated in the mission and adds 1xp.

5-6 – Moving Parts – another Kill Team from that player’s faction was coordinating a simultaneous strike.  The player gains 1 resource. If they won the previous mission, they may select which resource is awarded.  Otherwise, choose it at random.


Guerilla Faction update

Going forward, if any player reaches 0 resources in any category, they may elect to become a “guerilla faction”.  Once a player goes guerilla, they can no longer win the overall campaign medal or best faction pin. They can, however, compete with other guerilla faction members for the Best Guerilla pin.

Guerilla faction members compete against each other to steal resources from their enemies.  Their campaign card is reset to 0 in all resources and end-of-mission scoring is done differently.  If they win a mission, they “steal” whatever resource loss is incurred by the enemy team. For example, if the enemy loses 2 morale, then the guerilla player also gains 2 morale.  As with normal KTC scoring, the guerrilla faction player with the most stolen resources at the end of a round wins.


Round Resets

Every 4 weeks will begin a new “round”, at that time each player gets a new campaign card.  Players may elect to do one of the following:

  • Continue with their current Kill Team. This includes all experience gained, AND CURRENT RESOURCES.
  • Start over with a new campaign card, command roster, faction etc.  This is a full reset, all models start over, all resources start again at 8. To help keep up with the veterans teams, players doing a reset may start with one leader and one other specialist at level 2.

Scoring Game Clarification

Each player is required to play 1 game per week in order to get a stamp, which qualifies them for prizes.  Players may participate in up to 3 scoring games per week.  In order for a game to count as scoring, BOTH PLAYERS must be participating in the campaign. If you are unable to find opponents, please post in the Facebook group, or contact me.

Scoring games always count for both players with only one exception: if one player has already recorded their maximum scoring games for that week.